Streamline your HR Operations effectively
  • Get your HR processes done online
  • Configure workflows and automate tasks
  • Customize as per your organization's requirements
  • No more spreadsheets, maintain HR information centrally
Ospyn hrapps is designed to transform the way you work, to connect people with people - and people with information across your organization, bringing in a much more collaborative approach to every aspect of HR management. Employees can be empowered to help themselves with the information they need and engage in administrative processes, managers will have the information they need to make better informed decisions.
Modules Organization The Organization module allows easy management of organization's details including the company profile, employees, departments and offices. It provides option to employees to maintain their personal information, professional details, qualification, skills and work experience. Managers can organize their team structure, assign projects, track employee activities and perform admin tasks. Leave The Leave module provodes options for companies to create their own holiday calenders and leave plan and to assign these to their emoployees. This module empowers employees to self manage and track their absence information. Leave requests made by employees can be approved or rejected by the managers. Time Management This module supports self service entry of time sheets by employees, thus enabling the managers to track the actual hours spent by the employee on every task. Other features include automatic routing of time sheets, approval or rejection of multiple timesheets and generating time sheet reports. Attendance and Shift Management Attendance details of employees can be tracked using the Attendance Management module. It is possible to find out late comings, unreported absences, total worked hours, over time etc for each employee. Travel Management The travel module supports submission of travel requests and travel expense management. Travel module has the following features. Travel module has the following features. Expense Management This module allows employees to record business expenses. A request for reimbursement can be made by submitting an expense report for approval. The provision to record the payment details made is also available in this module. Travel authorization and expense claims are also part of this module. Loan Management The system allows employees to make loan or advance requests, managers to approve loan requests, finance personnel to grant loans to employees against approved loan requests and so on. Payroll The key features of the payroll module include accurate compensation processing, salary slips, reimbursements, arrears, loans / advances, employee health benefits, and comprehensive income tax computations Performance Management The Performance Management module enables setting up of role KRAs, cascaded goal settings, periodic employee assessments and a standardised competency framework. It improves performance through periodic employee assessments and gives time to managers to correct performance by providing timely feedback. Asset Management This module will allow the management to keep track of the assests allocated to the employees of the organization. Requests, approvals and allocation of company assets can be automated using this module.
Top reasons to choose Ospyn hrapps
  • Manage and Track your HR processes efficiently
  • Customize to manage your unique needs
  • Self Service modules for employees
  • Automate with configurations and workflows
  • All benefits offered by a SAAS model such as scalability, simple setup, low cost and much more
Core Features
Employee Self Service Provide employees with self service access to their personal and work-related information. They can also view their personal payroll, make training requests or submit applications for leave or reimbursement. Dashboard Get real-time, at-a-glance information of pending requests and approvals, quick links to commonly accessed tools, upcoming birthdays of collegues and reminders of company news and events on your dashboard. Workflows Set up workflows to automate HR processes such as form approvals and performance reviews. Automated steps do away with repetitive tasks and setting them up is just a few clicks away. Notifications Send automated email messages in response to predefined events. The system allows configuration of the notification template, recipients, subject and event the mail server to be used. Security Define fine grained access for different roles based on permissions so as to manage your organization's security requirements. UI Customizations You can customize the user interface of hrapps to include your company logo, add new custom fields and even rearrange the form layouts according to your organization's specific requirements