Ospyn HRApps is a unique web-based HR solution that fits the HR needs of today's organizations. HRApps features an intuitive interface that provides HR administrators with up-to-date employee information at a glance. With personalized profiles of every employee, configurable leave rules and payroll structure, and a simple request approval process, HR Administrators will find this application easy to use when working with an increasingly remote workforce.
Ospyn HRApps works on Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox (3+), Chrome and Safari.
Yes, we guarantee security and privacy of your data.
Our servers are hosted in CtrlS, India’s only Tier IV data center with 100% uptime for the past 4 years. It has the best possible security infrastructure such as guarded entrance, 24/7 security, three levels of bio-metric access control, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, access restrictions and identification checks. Network security is also provided with dedicated firewalls, Firewall Control Panel, Intrusion Detection Systems and 1-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.
All communication between your office and our server is encrypted using high-grade 256 key SSL encryption. Your data is backed up continuously (in real time) and in case of any eventuality, there is minimal data loss.
You can evaluate Ospyn HRApps by signing up for the free trial version. You can use this to understand if HRApps fits into your requirements. The trial version expires after 15 days. If you are happy with the product, you can purchase the paid version.
There are 10 modules in HRApps – Organization, Absence, Payroll, Asset, Timesheet, Attendance, Assset, Performance, Travel and Expense. The core and mandatory module is Organization. You can choose and pay for only the modules that you wish to include for your organization.
You can purchase the professional version and start using it immediately. For price details, please contact sales@ospyn.com.
You can send us a request for your data by writing to hrapps-support@ospyn.com. We will provide you the data. This is only for paid accounts.
  1. Training and Support for Initial Setup (for paid accounts): We will provide online training and support for the initial configuration of your organization's account.
  2. E-mail Assistance (for paid accounts): You can get professional support through e-mail by writing to HRApps-suppor@ospyn.com.
  3. Our comprehensive user guide (for paid accounts) helps you quickly get started and understand all the features.